Dynex Three Wheeler Batteries

Dynex Three Wheeler Batteries

Greater durability, higher performance

Dynex Three Wheeler Batteries

Power packed for high performance, technologically advanced and highly affordability – Dynex batteries are the ideal companion for three-wheelers like tempos, and auto-rickshaws that serve as a pocket-friendly mode of transport in most Indian cities.

Dynex three-wheeler batteries are the perfect fit for any Indian road and climate since they come with a host of high-end built-in features including quick recharging capacity and vibration-resistant design.

Why choose Dynex Three Wheeler Batteries?

Generic three-wheeler batteries may not have a quality charging system. As a result, vibration can damage the life of the battery, causing cracks in the cell connectors and separators. The longevity of a robust battery depends on a good charging system. Dynex three-wheeler batteries ensure perfect vibration-resistant qualities. The bottom Lock Shock Absorber Technology and the Double-Clad Separation make Dynex three-wheeler batteries vibration-resistant.

Dynex batteries are suitable for deep discharge and ensure less maintenance cost due to their effective alloy system. The battery delivers optimal performance throughout its life.

Dynex three-wheeler batteries come with an 24-month warranty* and ensure longevity, greater durability, and higher performance

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