Dynex CV and Tractor Batteries

Dynex CV and Tractor Batteries Power-packed for Indian Roads

Commercial vehicles (CV) such as buses, trucks, and tractors need heavy-duty batteries. One of the fastest growing battery brands in India, Dynex offers CV Batteries that are designed specifically for Indian roads - to withstand irregular terrain and constant vibrations. Power-packed and robust, Dynex batteries guarantee superior performance, better reliability and greater satisfaction even under the most challenging conditions.

Why choose Dynex CV Batteries?

Dynex is a trusted name in the industry due to its world-class features, superior performance, enhanced safety and proven reliability.

Commercial Vehicles most often are required to pull through long journeys, travel through harsh terrains and withstand extreme heat and cold weather along with other adversities like dust and monsoons. Specially designed Dynex CV batteries are technologically advanced to ensure a comm…

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Dynex E-Rickshaw Batteries

Dynex E-Rickshaw Batteries Performs Better. Lasts Longer.

Introducing cutting-edge technology-driven E-Rickshaw Batteries from Dynex - one of the best E-Rickshaw battery manufacturers in India.

In the age where petrol prices are ever increasing and public is becoming more conscious about reducing carbon emission, battery-operated e-rickshaws are proving to be a great boon, keeping the public transport system in the country robust. E-Rickshaws are a comfortable and safe mode of transport, which is why these have gained large popularity in the last few years. Dynex E-Rickshaw Batteries are perfect to power E-Rickshaws, ensuring longevity, greater durability, and higher performance.

Why choose Dynex E-Rickshaw Batteries?

Dynex E-Rickshaw Batteries are high in performance, low in maintenance – an ideal combination. These power-packed batteries are vibration-resistant, spill-proof and ready-to-use.

It is the effective Alloy System in Dy…

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Dynex Car Batteries

Dynex Car Batteries Built With Power.

Dynex offers a wide range of affordable, low maintenance, and long-lasting batteries for Cars, SUVs, and MUVs. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, these high-performance batteries make sure you never stop moving forward, no matter what the road condition.

Why choose Dynex Car Batteries?

Battery is the heart of a vehicle. That is one of the reasons why choosing the right car battery that can extend the life of your car is very important. Dynex Car Batteries are synonymous with reliability. Be it rugged undulating terrain, sudden curves or sharp bends, powerful Dynex Automotive Batteries, built with revolutionary technology, ensure a smooth drive through any road conditions. Excellent cranking power and spill-proof design of a Dynex Car Battery ensure you drive your car with comfort and confidence.

In addition to the advanced technology, price point is another factor to consider when choosing a car batt…

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Dynex Two Wheeler Batteries

Dynex Two Wheeler Batteries Making Journeys Smoother. Safer.

Dynex offers power-packed, high performance batteries for the two-wheeler segment. Dynex batteries for bikes are manufactured using advanced technology, thus promising reliability in terms of performance and features.

While high performance is a big plus, price of a Dynex bike battery is highly affordable. In a country like India, where cars are a luxury for majority of the population, two-wheelers are a popular choice and the low price of Dynex battery for bike is a great advantage. Technologically advanced, long-lasting, and dependable Dynex batteries for two-wheelers ensure a smooth ride across all terrains without having to worry about high maintenance costs. Dynex battery for bike is truly value-for-money.

Dynex two-wheeler batteries offer excellent cranking power. Additional features such as the spill-proof design, water loss mechanism and a high shelf life make …

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Dynex Three Wheeler Batteries

Dynex Three Wheeler Batteries Greater durability, higher performance

Power packed for high performance, technologically advanced and highly affordability - Dynex batteries are the ideal companion for three-wheelers like tempos, and auto-rickshaws that serve as a pocket-friendly mode of transport in most Indian cities.

Dynex three-wheeler batteries are the perfect fit for any Indian road and climate since they come with a host of high-end built-in features including quick recharging capacity and vibration-resistant design.

Why choose Dynex Three Wheeler Batteries?

Generic three-wheeler batteries may not have a quality charging system. As a result, vibration can damage the life of the battery, causing cracks in the cell connectors and separators. The longevity of a robust battery depends on a good charging system. Dynex three-wheeler batteries ensure perfect vibration-resistant qualities. The bottom Lock Shock Absorber Technology and the Doubl…

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Dynex Tubular Inverter Batteries

Dynex Inverter Batteries With Tubular plate technology

Dynex Inverter Batteries keep summer heat and dark nights at bay when input voltage is low or there is mains failure. Ruggedly built with tubular plates, Dynex Inverter Battery fights frequent and long power cuts, day after day for years.

Why choose Dynex Tubular Inverter Battery? Economical range Enhanced Warranty Rugged tubular plates Suitable for long and frequent power outages Higher acid volume/Ampere - Hour

Dynex inverter battery price is highly competitive and affordable. It is this economical price point that makes Dynex Inverter Battery an ideal choice for users. The enhanced 60 month warranty* is another plus in addition to the economical Dynex inverter battery price.

Coming to technology and features, Dynex tubular inverter batteries feature high pressure cast plates and higher acid volume per ampere-hour. Tubular plate technology differs from c…

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