Microtek Smart Hybrid Digital & Sinewave Technologies UPS Model 1875 (24V)


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Microtek Smart Hybrid Digital & Sinewave Technologies UPS Model 1875 (24V)


Smart Hybrid Inverter/UPS Series is a perfect combination of digital & Sinewave Technologies that give you best of both the worlds – Noiseless performance & more load handlings capacity.


  • Hybrid Technology for Noiseless and Better Performance with Longer Backups & Battery Life.
  • Battery Charging Current Selection Switch with Standard (10 Amps) & Fast Charging (14 Amps) Mode.
  • IBGM Technology – Increases Battery Life and Performance by maintaining correct Battery Gravity.
  • PWM Controlled Multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging.
  • IN-Build Bypass Switch – Enables to isolate the UPS From Mains, whenever Needed.
  • High & Standard Charging Option – For Quick Battery Charging.
  • Unique Ultra Sonic Switching- For Noiseless Performance.
  • Compatible With all Battery Type – Tubular, Local & Flate Plate.
WEIGHT: 16.3kg
DIMENSIONS (L W H): 43.3×46.3×23.2



Microtek Smart Hybrid Digital & Sinewave Technologies UPS Model 1875 (24V), which is a Perfect Combination of Digital & Sinewave technologies which ensures Noiseless Performance, Quick Charging, More Load, Longer Battery Life and Longer Backups. It is a Premium Product that comes with Multiple Features such as In-Built Bypass Switch and IBGM (Intelli Battery Gravity Management) Technology. It has Battery type Selection Switch for Tubular and Flat Plate Battery type and also Voltage Range Selection Switch.

 Rated Capacity  1650 VA / 24V
 Output Power  1320 Watts
 Battery  2 Battery System (24 VDC)
 Waveform  Sinewave
 Warranty  2 Years

January 25, 2024 2:44 pm

247 days, 3 hours

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