Microtek JUMBO HOME UPS Model – JM SW 4000+/48V (Working Power 3.7KVA/2960W)


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Microtek JUMBO HOME UPS Model – JM SW 4000+/48V (Working Power 3.7KVA/2960W)


Microtek UPS JM SW 4000+/48V DSP/ HIGH-END MICRO CONTROLLER BASED JUMBO UPS Model are designed using latest State-of-the-art Technology for Optimum Performance and Higher Reliability.


  • DSP/High-end micro controller based PWM technology using MOSFET: DSP/High-end micro controller used where the internal digital frequency control is at a speed of as high as 40 MIPS (millions instructions per Second).
  • ACEC (Analog Compare Error Correction) technology based PWM for the generation of Pure Sine wave: Using ACEC technology the PWM is corrected.
  • Boost Based PWM Controlled Intelligent Multistage Battery Management Charging Technology. The input power factor maintains 0.85 which reduce the electricity bills.
  • Protections: Wiring Fault, Overload, Short Circuit, Battery low, Reverse Phase, Reverse Battery Protection.
  • ASC (Assessing System Configuration) software technique is being incorporated. The software verifies all the critical system parameters before the system starts, & keep on assessing the system parameters while the system is running.
  • Performance: Delivers unmatched noise free performance. 
  • UPS Mode: Very useful with computer type of application, Music studio or medical etc.
  • Replicates Mains: Ensure same power quality as from mains with a crest factor of as high 3.7
  • Display: LCD/LED Indication for status & Fault, Load & Battery Indication.
  • PLPO: Peak load Peak Output ensures high load handling capacity.
  • Generator Compatible.
WEIGHT: 29.2kg
DIMENSIONS (L W H): 52x35x46

Microtek UPS JM SW 4000+/48V Working Power 3.7KVA is DSC Based Intelli Pure Sinewave Jumbo UPS Model for Small Offices and Home Applications which ensures Noiseless, Safe and Efficient Performance.

It is DSC based Intelligent Control Design using latest state-of-the art Technology. It also comes with Additional Features like Battery Selection Mode Switch for selecting Tubular, Standard & Local Battery for Quick Charging and Longer Battery Life with Enhanced Backup.

Technical Specifications

MODEL UPS  JM SW 4000+/48V
 Capacity / Rating  3.7KVA / 2960W
 Standard Input Voltage  100V~280V
 Narrow Input Voltage  180V~260V
 Output Voltage on Main Mode  Same as Input
 Output Voltage on UPS mode  220V+10%
 Output Frequency on UPS Mode  50Hz+0.5Hz
 Switching form mains to UPS and UPS to mains  Automatic
 Output wavefrom on mains mode  Same as input
 Output wavefrom on backup mode  Pure Sinewave
 Battery charging current  Max Charge Current 20A+3A
 Battery Charger  Boost Based PWM Control Multi-Stage IBM technology
 Efficinecy  >80%
 Input Brown Out Voltage  100V+10V
 UPS Overload  108% of the Rated Capacity
 Technology  DSP Based Smart Control Design
 Auto Reset Feature  Yes
 Environmental Parameters  Operating Temprature: 0~45*C  /  Acoustic Noise at 1 Mtr: <60dB
Relative Humidity: MAX 95% Non Condensing  /  Thermal Management: Integrated cooling (Fan & Heat sink)
 Mains to Bypass  Rotary/Rocker Bypass Switch
 Display  LCD/LED Display Indicator

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