Microtek JUMBO HOME UPS Model – JM SW 2500+/24V (Working Power 2KVA/1600W)


Product Details

Microtek JUMBO HOME UPS Model – JM SW 2500+/24V (Working Power 2KVA/1600W)



  • Static UPS LCD Display.
  • Generator Compatible.
  • Safely suited to run Computers & Other IT Applications.
  • DSC (Digital SIngle Controller) Based Intelli Pure Sinewave Technology.
  • HLPO – Peak Load Peak Output, ensures High Peak Load Handling Capacity.
  • ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging ensures Faster Battery Charging.
  • Smart Overload Sense, Short Circuit & Over Temprature Protection.
  • Best Suited for most High Capacity Sophisticated applications like: Air-Conditioner, Petrol Pump Nozzle, Photocopier, Dental Chair, Water Motor along with the regular Household and Office Appliances.
WEIGHT: 19.65kg
DIMENSIONS (L W H): 44.5x32x46

Microtek UPS JM SW 2500+/24V Working Power 2KVA is DSC Based Intelli Pure Sinewave Jumbo UPS Model for Small Offices and Home Applications which ensures Noiseless, Safe and Efficient Performance.

It is DSC based Intelligent Control Design using latest state-of-the art Technology. It also comes with Additional Features like Battery Selection Mode Switch for selecting Tubular, Standard & Local Battery for Quick Charging and Longer Battery Life with Enhanced Backup.

Technical Specifications

MODEL UPS  JM SW 2500+/24V
 Capacity / Rating  2KVA / 1600W
 Output Waveform /Power Factor  Pure Sinwave / 0.8
 Nominal Battery Voltage  24V DC
 Battery Charger  Boost Based PWM Controlled Multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging
 Recommended Battery Type / Battery AH  Tall-Tubular, Flat-Plate Lead Acid Battery / (100AH-180AH)**
 Output Frequency / Output Voltage (Battery Mode)  50Hz+0.5Hz / 220+10%
 Maximum Charging Current  15A(+3A)
 Standard Input Voltage Range (Inverter Mode)  80V~295V
 Narrow Input Voltage Range (UPS Mode)  180V~265V
 Transfer Time From Mains to Battery (UPS Mode)  <15ms
 Input Brown Out Voltage  80V+10V
 Mains Bypass / Switch-Over  Rotary Bypass Switch / Automatic From Main>Backup & Backup>Mains
 Seprated O/P With TDR  N/A
 UPS Overload / Short Circuit Protection  >105% / >300%
 Efficiency (Battery Mode)  >80%
 Protection / Display  Low Battery Voltage, Battery Overcharge, Over Temp., Smart Overload Sense & Short Circuits   /  LCD Display
 Environmental Parameters  Operating Temprature: 0~45*C  /  Acoustic Noise at 1 Mtr: <60dB
Relative Humidity: MAX 95% Non Condensing  /  Thermal Management: Integrated cooling (Fan & Heat sink)
 Dimentions (LxWxH) mm  445x320x460 mm
 Gross Weight  20 Kgs

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