Luminous High Capacity Inverter iCruze 9000+


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Luminous High Capacity Inverter iCruze 9000+

iCruze is a heavy-duty super inverter designed to run heavy loads with ease. It is equipped with pure sine wave technology and advanced micro-controller design making it reliable and perfect for running loads of businesses like restaurants, clinics, offices, or petrol pumps. The LCD display shows important inverter battery performance statistics, like, charging time, backup time at current load, running load status, fault indications and more, making it an ideal inverter for your domestic or commercial needs.

Luminous High Capacity Inverter iCruze 9000+

  • Capacity- 7500 VA, Real Power- 6000 W
  • Technology- Sine Wave technology
  • No of battery supported- Ten batteries (12V each)
  • Advanced LCD display shows inverter battery performance statistics including– battery charging time, back-up time, percentage load running on the inverter, fault indications and more
  • Powerful charging with smart charge technology that charges the battery faster
  • User can choose mode (ECO/UPS), battery type, capacity and n-load shutdown prevention through control buttons present on the front display
  • MCB for protection from Input mains surge
  • Bypass switch for supplying output directly from grid in case of Home inverter fault
  • Protection against short-circuit, battery over-charge, deep-discharge etc.
  • Offers high quality and reliable power back-up solution for office and homes


  • Dimensions (in cm)

    30 x 47.1 x 56 CM

  • Technology

    Sine Wave

  • VA Rating

    7500 VA

  • Max Charging Current(in Amp)


  • No. of Batteries Supported


  • Eco Mode Voltage Operation

    140 – 280 VAC

  • UPS Mode Voltage Operation

    180 – 265 VAC

  • Change over time (Milli Sec)


  • Net Weight(In Kg)

    71.62 ± 3%

  • Warranty

    24 Months (For detailed terms and conditions of warranty please refer to the warranty card supplied along with the product)

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