Exide Solar Inverter 24V-1500


Product Details

Exide Solar Inverter Hybrid 1500VA 24V (PWM)

  • Warranty: 24Months
  • Capacity: 1500VA
  • Type: Solar Hybrid

Decription of Exide Solar Hybrid 1500VA 24V (PWM)

The Exide Solar Hybrid 1500VA is a solar inverter that converts DC (Direct Current) power generated by solar panels to AC (Alternating Current) power that can be used to power homes and small offices. It is a hybrid inverter that is designed to work with both solar power and grid power. The inverter comes with an inbuilt solar charge controller that ensures optimal charging of batteries from solar power, while also protecting the batteries from overcharging and deep discharging. The Exide Solar Hybrid 1500VA is efficient, reliable, and comes with advanced features like overload protection, short circuit protection, and automatic changeover from solar to grid power.


  • Advance DSP-based technology for absolute and stable sine wave output.
  • Excellent electronics circuit design for smart sensing & control of all the parameters.
  • LCD indication for Mains ON, UPS ON, battery Low, Charging, Overload, UPS OK.
  • Easy monitoring of the current status of he system through an interactive customized display LCD.
  • Dual Mode of working: UPS and Normal.
  • UPS Mode: Fast switching, Input operating range from 180V to 260V.
  • Normal Mode: wide Input operating range from 100V to 280V.
  • Clossed Loop Auto sensing software control (ASSC) smart battery charging technology for longer battery life.
  • The Dual selectable charging current option for Normal Charging and high charging.
  • Intelligent overload sensing circuitry with retries facility.
  • Programmed in-built cooling fan which operates as needed with UPS thermal protection.
  • High power new generation MOSFET capable to handle high in-rush/ surge current.
  • Indicate the health of UPS on the bezel as “UPS OK”.
  • Highest efficiency at a lower cost.

Specifications of Exide Solar Hybrid 1500VA 24V (PWM)

 Brand – Exide
Model – Solar Hybrid 1500VA/24V
Warranty – 24Months
Capacity – 1500VA
DC Voltage – 24V
Charger Controller – 30A-24V-PWM

January 23, 2024 4:10 pm

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