Exide E-rickshaw Battery ERFLPLUS 100L


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Exide ERFLPLUS100L E-rickshaw Battery – Exide E-rickshaw Batteries manufactured by Exide Industries Limited. Exide ERFLPLUS100L/100AH – E-rickshaw Battery with 7 months warranty.Note: Buyback condition Battery price @ ₹5799.99 [Used battery cost ₹2000.00]

Exide E-Ride Plus ERFLPLUS100L E-Rickshaw Battery 100Ah
Warranty 7 Months


The unique features of this Exide e-rickshaw battery – E-Ride Plus are:

  • Robust Grid Design & Improved Paste chemistry – Ensure better life and consistent performance in application
  • Optimized Alloy System – Prevents Corrosion in Positive Plate which in turn lowers the degradation rate
  • Double Clad Separation – Prevents Plate shedding during arduous vibration, increases reliability & service life of these Exide e-rickshaw batteries
  • Side Vented Lid – Excellent spill-proof characteristics
  • Bottom Anchoring of Element – Ensures reliability in application
  • Lug Type take-off & fasteners – Batteries can be easily connected to the circuit
  • Ready for commissioning – Exide e-rickshaw batteries are supplied in factory charged condition


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