Exide Car Battery EYDIN47RMF


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Exide Eazy EYDIN47RMF/47AH Car Battery – Exide Car Batteries manufactured by Exide Industries Limited.  Exide Eazy EYDIN47RMF/47AH – Car Battery with 48 months warranty.

Note: Buyback condition Battery price @ ₹5399.99 [Used battery cost ₹1000.00]

Exide Eezy-EYDIN47R (ISS)

Warranty48 Months*
(24 Months Full + 24 Months Pro)
Capacity: 12 volts, 47 AH battery


The Exide Eezy-EYDIN47R (ISS) is a car battery manufactured by Exide Industries, a reputable brand in the automotive sector. Specifically engineered for everyday driving needs, this battery is crafted to deliver robust and dependable performance for vehicles.

Known for its reliability, the Exide Eezy-EYDIN47R (ISS) is designed to provide sufficient power for regular driving tasks. Its construction and specifications aim to ensure durability and consistent performance, supporting the electrical needs of a vehicle and facilitating smooth day-to-day operations.


January 8, 2024 11:00 pm

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