Dynex E-rickshaw Battery DYERFL1500


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Dynex DYERFL1500 E-rickshaw Battery – Dynex E-rickshaw Batteries manufactured by Exide Industries Limited. DYNEX DYERFL1500/100AH – E-rickshaw Battery with 6 months warranty.

Note: Buyback condition Battery price @ ₹5499.99 [Used battery cost ₹2000.00]

Introducing cutting-edge technology-driven E-Rickshaw Batteries from Dynex – one of the best E-Rickshaw battery manufacturers in India.

In the age where petrol prices are ever increasing and public is becoming more conscious about reducing carbon emission, battery-operated e-rickshaws are proving to be a great boon, keeping the public transport system in the country robust. E-Rickshaws are a comfortable and safe mode of transport, which is why these have gained large popularity in the last few years. Dynex E-Rickshaw Batteries are perfect to power E-Rickshaws, ensuring longevity, greater durability, and higher performance.

Why choose Dynex E-Rickshaw Batteries?

Dynex E-Rickshaw Batteries are high in performance, low in maintenance – an ideal combination. These power-packed batteries are vibration-resistant, spill-proof and ready-to-use.

It is the effective Alloy System in Dynex Batteries that makes it suitable for deep discharge and ensures low maintenance cost.

Its bottom Lock Shock Absorber Technology locks the bottom part of the batteries, keeps the batteries vibration resistant, safe and ensures longevity. Double Clad Separation also adds to the vibration resistance of Dynex batteries.

What’s more? Reasonably priced, Dynex Batteries are easy to charge and do not require to be kept in charge for long hours, delivering optimal performance throughout.

In addition to these features, specially-designed Dynex E-Rickshaw Batteries come with a 6-month warranty* to give you complete peace of mind as you drive through any terrain smoothly.

Move easy. Move faster with Dynex E-Rickshaw Batteries.

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