AMARON PRO Automotive Battery – 55B24LS (AAM-PR-0055B24LS)


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AMARON PRO Automotive Battery – 55B24LS (AAM-PR-0055B24LS)

AMARON FLO Automotive Battery – 580112073 (AAM-FL-580112073)

Amaron, your trusted destination for car batteries. Our wide range of high-quality car batteries ensures an uninterrupted and smooth drive. Our name is synonymous with trust, and Amaron car batteries epitomize the pinnacle of performance, offering the assurance every traveller seeks.

  • High Cranking Power
  • Zero-Maintenance
  • Improved Safety
  • Long Life
  • Vibration Resistance
  • High Reserve Capacity
  • Heat Tolerance

Additionally, rebate upto ₹1200 per unit on return of similar old battery

AMARON PRO Automotive Battery – 55B24LS (AAM-PR-0055B24LS)
Series PRO
Item Code AAM-PR-0055B24LS
Model 55B24LS
Product Dimensions (LxBxH) (mm) 238x129x227
Voltage (V) 12
Ref. Amphere Hour (AH) 45
Cold Cranking Ability (CCA) 418
Total Warranty (Months) 72
Free Warranty (Months) 36
Pro-rata Warranty (Months) 36
Terminal Layout
Country Origin India

January 27, 2024 10:13 pm

249 days, 4 hours

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